Badger DAO Weekly Newsletter #7

$DIGG Launch, $1B in Total Value Locked, Round 2 Honey Badger Pot, and more...

Hey there, Badgers.

Altcoins are looking strong across the board, and Badger DAO continues to grow operations with many new and talented people getting involved. We couldn't be more excited for the months ahead and feel we have the right people on board to make this project a huge success. This week, we are happy to share many great insights with you, including the long-expected launch of $DIGG and all you need to know surrounding it, our growing dominance on DefiPulse, and $1B in total value locked, and much more.

So, let's digg into all the great news and see what exactly has been going on with the Badgers during the past week. 🦡

*sorry for the delay everyone, Substack was having technical issues which made us unable to post this on time.

Weekly Recap

$9.4M cover sold on Nexus Mutual and 277 NXM distributed to Badger stakers

Nexus Mutual is a decentralized application revolving around insurance. Like last week, almost all available @NexusMutual cover for Badger are maxed out. Our community is growing at a very healthy pace and our builders are in it for the long haul. Since DeFi is very young and unpredictable, Badger encourages you to protect your coins. You can find cover here.

Round 2 of the Honey Badger Pot with MEME

The community loved round 1 of our collaboration with MEME last month. Now we’re gearing up for a sequel! This time, users can farm our NFT using $bBadger and $bDIGG, which brings even more utility to these vault tokens.

Rules for the Honey Badger Pot are simple:
- Deposit $bBadger or $bDIGG on to earn $MEME
- Mint common or legendary NFT's using $MEME
- Collect all 6 first & claim the Honey Badger Pot that's worth 1 $DIGG!

2nd audit with auditing firm HAECHI completed! No critical or major issues found

HAECHI AUDIT is a global leading smart contract security audit and development firm and consists of professionals with years of experience in blockchain R&D and providing the most reliable smart contract security audit and development services. This audit included our entire infrastructure (vaults, rewards tree, geysers, etc. ). Our Sushi vaults were not included. No critical or major issues were found during the audit!

Nansen_ai analytics show promising Badger on-chain statistics

Nansen analytics platform analyzes millions of Ethereum wallets, smart contracts, and transactions. The analysis of badger shows that 63% of all addresses have been HODLing for 30-60 days. This makes up 95%+ of our circulating supply and is pretty much since launch. We also experience rapid growth in wallet addresses, which grew from 2500 to 3400 since January 1st.

Huobi, the second biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, lists Badger

Huobi, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange, listed $Badger. The exchange is has expressed positive support for this emerging DeFi product suite for Bitcoiners. BADGER/USDT, BADGER/ETH, and BADGER/BTC spot trading went live on January 20.

Badger DAO joins the Blocknative community

The Badger DAO is super honored to join Blocknative! Blocknative operates the first real-time mempool event API with end-to-end coverage of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. This way, the Badgers can now easily bring $BTC to DeFi with a wide range of hardware & software wallets via Onboard.js. Furthermore, users are now able to see real-time TX alerts from the mempool data platform.

$DIGG finally launched: everything you need to know!

The long wait is over. Here is the official token address of $DIGG. 3 New DIGG vaults and 2 new liquidity pools are live (Sushiswap & Uniswap). With the launch, all vaults are now earning $DIGG, including the $BADGER vault.
If you didn’t already, you can claim your rewards on our website. For now, over 90% of all circulating $DIGG have been deposited in the app and we already completed our first successful rebase. You can find in-depth guides on $DIGG on our blog and Twitter.

Badger Improvement Proposals

What's ahead for Badger DAO

  • New products allowing users to unlock value from their vault positions

  • Badger Levels

  • 3rd audit with Quantstamp

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter, check out our governance forum and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. Until next time, Badgers. 🦡

-Badger DAO