Badger DAO Weekly Newsletter #5

Crossing $700M in total value locked, new shield mining campaign, $500k bug bounty

Hey there, Badgers.

While Bitcoin and the total crypto market is hitting all-time highs, the Badger DAO is working hard to ensure a smooth launch of the new $DIGG token and the birth of a groundbreaking DeFi infrastructure. The progress is looking stellar and the community is in full support. Let’s bring DeFi to Bitcoin with a bang this year.

Now, Let's have a look at what happened during the second week of 2021. 🦡

Weekly Recap

Badger is live on Coingecko's yield farm page and takes 4 of the top 15 spots

You are now able to view Badger's farming pools on Coingecko's yield farming page. We got listed successfully and are currently taking 4 of the top 15 ranks. This means, Badger DAO's WBTC/ETH, RENBTCCURVE, SBTCCURVE, and Harvest.Finance RENBTCCURVE pools are among the biggest TVL pools in the crypto space.

New shield mining campaign on Nexus Mutual

Nexus Mutual starts a shield mining campaign for Badger DAO. Stakers will earn 0.05 BADGER for every NXM staked and can claim the rewards once a week. Badger DAO encourages all app users to acquire extra protection for their deposits. Check out how it works.

In less than 24 hours, Badger smart contracts are one of the most purchased cover on

Nexus Mutual

As well as having one of the largest amounts of $NXM staked by risk assessors. Take a look at the cover and staking so you can see for yourself.

Badger lists on DeFi Pulse and debuts in the top 10 projects

Badger is taking the top 10 by storm. And it is just the start: We are now listed on DeFi Pulse and debut on rank 9 with over $600M in total value locked. The Badgers will climb!

1st Sett session: AMA with Chris Spadafora and Jon Tompkins.

And it is about much more than “when $DIGG.” You can watch the full AMA. Chris answered community questions and talked about the current state of Badger, $Digg, security, new products, emissions management, and new multipliers.

Badger DAO teams up with Immunefi for a $500k bug bounty

Badger DAO is setting a new standard with the biggest bug bounty in crypto. Because keeping DeFi for Bitcoin as secure as possible is a huge priority for the badgers, we are teaming up with Immunefi ( to launch a $500k bug bounty program. You can read more details in our medium.

Badger DAO to make an appearance at DAO Rush Week

DAO Rush Week is an online event series where DAOs come together with their own webinars and demonstrate who they are, what they’re about, and how others can join. It’s a great way to meet the members of multiple DAOs and see how they’re governed. Show some support for the many DAOs that will be demonstrating in the events throughout the week! The kickoff event is Monday, January 12, at 11am EST.

Badger Improvement Proposals

Badger Improvement Proposals

What’s Ahead for Badger DAO

  • $DIGG launch and 3 new dedicated vaults.
    DIGG/WBTC Sushi LP
    DIGG only

  • PEG rewards proposal
    DIGG > BTC all vault stakers get 50% more DIGG
    DIGG < BTC no bonus

  • The launch of 4 new products within the next 60 days
    $DIGG - Rebasing Bitcoin + 3 vaults
    Mint WBTC/RENBTC from native Bitcoin
    Zaps - 1 click deposit in vault
    Borrow stablecoins against your vaults position

  • V2 app refinements dropping soon

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. Until next time, Badgers. 🦡

-Badger DAO