Badger DAO Weekly Newsletter #17

BadgerDao x FireblocksHQ, #WenCLAWS Design Contest, NFT Jersey Drop

Hey there, Badgers

What a fantastic start to the second quarter of 2020! Altcoin bulls are celebrating Ethereum’s new all-time high and Bitcoin is rallying into the Coinbase IPO on April 14. An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the process by which a private company sells its stocks to the general public. This will bring great credibility to the crypto industry. Together with the whole crypto market, the Badgers are looking forward to celebrating this major event for all of us!

For now, let's digg into what exactly has been going on with the Badger DAO during the first two weeks of April 2021. 🦡

Weekly Recap

#WenCLAWS? The Claws Token Design Contest is Live

The Badgers need your help for the upcoming $CLAWS launch! In partnership with UMA, the Badger team is launching a token design contest to help determine what the new “collateralized asset” will look like. Winners get the following:

  • 1st Prize: $500 in $BADGER tokens and 50 UMA uTVL KPI Options

  • 3 Runners Up: $150 in $BADGER tokens and 15 UMA uTVL KPI Options

To participate, simply tweet your submission using the hashtag #WenCLAWS, tagging @BadgerDao and @UMAprotocol. The competition will run for ten days, commencing on Monday, April 5th, and will end on Wednesday, April 14th. At that point, the top 10 submissions will be chosen by the team and afterward be shared in the Badger forum for ratification and lastly to Snapshot for the community vote. You can check out a detailed blog post here.

The Official Limited Badger NFT Jersey Drop Sold out in 30 Seconds

The Badgers wanted to reward the most loyal community members with access to a piece of Badger history. The team pulled data based on several conditions to prequalify a select number of wallet addresses. A very limited run of 200 Badger Baseball Jerseys with an accompanying APY boosting NFT was up for grabs. In addition to that, the team was minting an extra 10 to be awarded to the Badger treasury for future uses. This will put the total NFT's minted into existence at 210. A detailed breakdown can be found in this article.

The sale was a huge success and officially sold out within 30 seconds of launch and many users were lucky to score a second chance through failed transactions. Congratulations to those that were successful!

BadgerDAO x FireblocksHQ: Partnering to Bring Institutional BTC to DeFi

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform that delivers a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks currently enables 200+ financial institutions to securely scale their digital asset operations and has secured the transfer of over $400B in digital assets to date.

With the right on-ramps, institutional investors could put Bitcoin to work and usher in the next big wave of capital into DeFi. Therefore, the Badgers are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Fireblocks and BadgerDAO to enable Fireblocks 200+ institutional clients to securely hold Badger assets on their platform and put their Bitcoin to work through the Badger protocol- all while adhering to their strict security, operational and regulatory requirements.

Check out all the details in the in-depth blog post.

Badger Improvement Proposals

What’s Ahead for Badger DAO

  • First Single asset wBTC vault powered by @iearnfinance with one of the highest organic APYs in the market

  • Native Bitcoin Bridge powered by @renprotocol with the ability to “Mint & Earn” through the wBTC vault in 1 click

  • Enter the Badger

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. Until next time, Badgers. 🦡

-Badger DAO