Badger DAO Weekly Newsletter #14

Badger Ambassador Program,, Gitcoin Hackathon, Official Roadmap

Hey there, Badgers.

While Bitcoin is hitting historical highs, the Badger community continues to build more products that put it to work. On top of that, the DAO passed $13M in revenue since its launch 13 weeks ago. It is clear that Badger is on track to becoming the most transparent and verifiable platform for Bitcoin DeFi.

For now, let's digg into what's been going on with the Badger DAO during the second week of March 2021. 🦡

Weekly Recap

Launch of the Official Badger Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is designed to help Badger and empower committed members to play a role in Badger's mission. Honey Badgers can contribute by being active in our Discord and Telegram communities, monitoring the Forum, creating engaging Badger content and memes, translating content, and mentoring community members. Ambassadors will enjoy early access to DAO products, pioneer Governance and the forum, and receive special Badger swag and NFT's! You can read the in-depth blog post or directly apply here.

Badger is the Largest Matching Partner for Gitcoin Hackathon Round 9

The grant is active from March 10 - March 25. The Badgers encourage everyone to support their fellow builders and donate to the future of Web3.

  • Build the future of Web3

  • Learn from online workshops

  • Open new grants

  • Fund new projects

When BadgerDAO announced its partnership with Gitcoin back in October 2020, Badger and Gitcoin simultaneously recognized a shared vision.

Grow open source. Grow the community.

Therefore, The Badgers are proud to be contributing $300,000 in matching funds for the GR9 and look forward to seeing the creativity and intellectualism of our community through this event.

Early Badger Acquires with the Intention of Transferring Ownership to the DAO

Strategic advisor, very early Badger, and community member, Arben Kane, has purchased the domain. His intention in purchasing it was to transfer ownership to the Badger DAO. He is willing to pass the cost to Badger with no markup in exchange for USDC from the DAO treasury. Outside of enhancing the reputation of the Badger brand as a whole, the domain would further solidify our app as the trusted place to put Bitcoin to work. Especially as we expand to provide value to non-crypto native users, this will become an important piece to their first experience and the ability to quickly overcome the common stigma that surrounds the cryptocurrency industry.

A Deep Dive into the Roadmap, Release Timeframes, Current Stages, and Leads

The main purpose of Badger DAO is to support expanded utility for Bitcoin in the DeFi ecosystem. As such, the Badgers have set their sights on a variety of initiatives to achieve this goal. Remember, if you are a $BADGER token holder, the future is in your hands! The Badger DAO is completely community-controlled, and token holders have voting rights to determine the next steps! You can check out the official Roadmap here.

Badger Improvement Proposals

What’s Ahead for Badger DAO

  • bDIGG NFT Honeypot round 2 with @DontBuyMeme

  • DIGG Stability vault with @StabilizePro

  • WBTC vault powered by @iearnfinance

  • Bitcoin Bridge with @renprotocol

  • Claws with @UMAprotocol

  • Interest bearing bitcoin with @defidollar

  • BTCX with @StarkWareLtd

  • Badger setts cross chain

  • Badger boost

  • ZAPS with @zapper_fi

  • LE Badger Jersey x NFT drop

  • DIGG peg based rewards

  • First incubation projects in Annexe

  • Utility integrations w/ DeFi protocols for bBadger and bDIGG

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. Until next time, Badgers. 🦡

-Badger DAO