Badger DAO Weekly Newsletter #11

Badger x Chainlink, Badger on Bancor, the Council of Badgers, Weekly Clubhouse Roundtable

Hey there, Badgers.

In the last 2.5 months, Badger has generated ~$7M in revenue. This means the DAO created $30M in annualized profit so far. On top of that, Badger's next 5 products are all revenue-producing. Badger’s dominance on Defi Pulse is steadily rising, and active wallets are increasing rapidly. All these signs of incomparable growth make us very excited for the future. Hint: watch out for more strategic partnerships and an insurance fund for depositors!

With that being said, let's digg into what's been going on with the Badger DAO during the third week of February 2021. 🦡

Weekly Recap

$BADGER makes history by becoming the first token to be voted into whitelist status on Bancor

A whitelisted token means the DAO will underwrite all impermanent loss for liquidity providers on that pool, and begin a co-investment with Bancor to grow the pool depth and support single-asset exposure. bBadger and bDIGG holders will now have a venue to trade their interest-bearing tokens along with impermanent loss protection for liquidity providers. Exciting times ahead for the Badgers!

$MEME 0x_b1 commemorative NFT Art Competition with $150,000 in Prizes

0x_b1 is at it again! This time with an NFT art competition in collaboration with $MEME. Three winners will be rewarded with a total of 18 NFTs. Submit your art by Thursday, February 25th here. Each submission should celebrate 0x_b1’s involvement in Badger, Uniswap, KeeperDAO, YFLink, or yAxis.

DIGG-ing into DeFi: another weekly Clubhouse Roundtable

DIGG-ing Into DeFi! This series will once again be hosted by Badger’s very own Spadaboom and will feature prominent guests to discuss the latest developments and where the industry is headed next! This week, the clubhouse roundtable featured 0xMaki from SushiSwap and Andre Cronje from Yearn Finance.

Introducing the Council of Badgers

With the passing of BIP 28, the next major step is electing Community Council Members to lead the Badger Grants Program into the future. This is an important opportunity for Badgers to play a vital role in the future of the DAO. Council members should be elected based on merit due to their importance in Badger's continued growth and success. The grants council will be focused on ecosystem and referral grants. Read more here.

Badger x Chainlink - a newly developed DIGG/BTC Price Feed

Chainlink is the most widely used and secure way to power universal smart contracts. With Chainlink, developers can connect any blockchain with high-quality data sources from other blockchains as well as real-world data. Starting soon, the daily DIGG rebase will be using a stable and reliable DIGG/BTC price feed from Chainlink.

BadgerDAO introduces $CLAWS

$CLAWS is a “yield dollar” that is minted through a collateralized debt position (CDP) exclusively using assets that are related to the Sett Vaults. Through utilizing $CLAWS, users can earn multiple forms of yield in the form of UMA, bDIGG, bBADGER, and xSushi due to the composability of the underlying assets. Read more here.

Badger Improvement Proposals

What’s Ahead for Badger DAO

  • BadgerDAO x StarkWareLtd
    We are creating the first L2 AMM for tokenized Bitcoin ($BTCX) together: a gas-free ZK-Rollup AMM launching on StarkNet

  • Introducing the Spadavault
    Potentially Badger’s biggest vault yet.
    Single asset WBTC -> 5 strategies optimized for highest APY %.
    Powered by @iearnfinance
    Strategist @arbingsam

  • Strategic Partners and Insurance for Depositors

  • Badger x Chainlink
    DIGG/BTC feed

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. Until next time, Badgers. 🦡

-Badger DAO