Badger DAO Has a Newsletter! 🦡

Find the first round of highlights from the Badgers

Hey there, Badgers.

A lot goes on in the Badger DAO. So much so, that this newsletter will serve as a way to highlight some of the recent events in the Badger DAO ecosystem. This will keep you in the know on announcements, product launches, governance proposals, and ecosystem updates regarding Badger’s initiatives to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. 🦡

Weekly Recap

  • Badger DAO Launches the Honey Badger Hunt Airdrop

  • Sett Vaults - $180M

  • First Community Call

  • Discourse Message Board

  • Badger Launches Discourse

  • Badger Improvement Proposals

  • Smart Contract Audit from Zokyo

  • Partnership with Cover insurance

  • Badger Launches Meme Collaboration

  • $Badger to Gitcoin Round 8 Donors

  • Check out our Community Wiki!

Honey Badger Hunt Airdrop
The Honey Badger Hunt was an airdrop that rewarded DeFi and DAO members who performed specific actions (e.g. minting renBTC, voting in Yearn proposals, etc.) with $Badger tokens. This was a way to usher in a targeted community based on the merit of being active participants in DeFi and decentralized governance.

Launch of Sett Vaults
Similar to Yearn vaults, Badger released a series of vault strategies that revolve around Bitcoin on Ethereum. These setts range from Curve LP tokens, to Badger tokens, to Uniswap Badger<>WBTC pool tokens. These setts have amassed over $180m TVL as of December 13, 2020; an outstanding achievement for the Badger community. They are currently 15th in DeFi Llama’s TVL rankings.

First Community Call
Shortly after the launch of the Badger DAO, the badgers have been super active on the Discord channel, having organized and held the first community call. The main agenda was discussing the timing and parameters of the $Digg token launch. Shoutouts to Jonathan Tompkins for taking the initiative and organizing it!

Badger DAO Launches its Community Forum
In order to scale their governance discussion, the Badger DAO launched a Discourse forum for all things Badger. Here you can find discussions ranging from product brainstorming, web app support, and proposals. Which brings us to…

Badger Improvement Proposals (BIPs)
A BIP is a proposal to signal or effect change to BadgerDAO’s governance or products. The objective for a BIP is to engage the community so that we can come together on a decision regarding a specific topic and put it into action.” - DeFi Frog

- BIP 01 - Emissions for Week 2 - Proposing emissions remain the same as week 1 but with a 30% boost on the first day of the 2nd week. By
- BIP 02 - Two thirds of earned $Badger vested 6 months - For securing the value of the $Badger token and inviting liquidity providers to take a longer-term approach. By bberry259

Audit Report from Zokyo
The reputable smart contract auditing firm Zokyo has performed a full audit of Badger DAO’s smart contracts, scoring them at a 98 and passing🤘🏼
Check out our repo.

Badger DAO Partners with Cover
DeFi is a nascent, and at times a frontier full of unknowns. The Badger DAO is taking as much precaution as possible for its community. This partnership allows Badger’s users to purchase coverage as insurance if anything were to happen to Badger DAO’s smart contract platforms. There are also 125,000 $Badger rewards being issued to shield miners until expiration (February 28, 2021).

Badger and the MEME Team Launch the $MEME Pools
Stake your Badger LP tokens in 2 new pools. Win cool prizes. This includes NFTs and potentially a truckload of $Badger tokens when you unlock all 6.

Badger Begins Partial Distribution of Gitcoin Allocation to Round 8 Donors
The Badger DAO is shaking up the DeFi community with its 2% allocation (420,000 $Badger) devoted entirely towards Gitcoin initiatives. The first distribution of this 2% (10,000 $Badger) will be happening at the end of Gitcoin Round 8 on the 17th of December. Don’t sleep, Badgers. You can still earn some $Badger if you donate before then!

We’ve got a Community Wiki!
The Badger DAO will do its best to keep you in the know and have a one-stop-shop to answer all incoming inquiries for the Badgers new and old.

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get in on the conversation. Until next time, Badgers. 🦡

-Badger DAO